Acknowledgement Goes A Long Way

Sure, getting recognition for receiving that prestigious award or being promoted to a higher position are great and dandy, but sometimes, other things naturally take precedence.

No matter who you are, there are times in this world when we feel like no one notices us. Even Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela felt that way because in the end, we are all just human. It’s not exactly a matter of knowing people realize what grand accomplishments you’ve achieved in life, but rather knowing people see what’s underneath the semi-facade we illustrate. Before you twist my words, I’m not saying that we are necessarily fake, but society does suggest that we should express our “happier sides” because the sheer sign of any other emotion gets dramatized. Celebrities and other public figures, in particular, understand this like the back of their hand.

Iconic Princess Diana hid mountains of frustration for years.

Iconic Princess Diana hid mountains of frustration from the public and the British Royal Family for years.

I’m covering this now because I woke up today feeling like a little girl who lost her favorite doll. Before this post, I felt like no one could hear all of my shouting. This means nothing to you, right? I’m discussing my job search post-college. It’s been exactly 2 months today since I’ve graduated from university, yet I either haven’t gotten my “dream job” or just haven’t liked the offers that I have had. Thankfully, I have an extremely supportive family and group of friends.

This morning, I didn’t talk much. Essentially, I was just a zombie. When my Mother noticed this unusual behavior from me, her simple question, “Why are you so sad?” really hit home for me. She instantly knew/knows my frustrations with the job search. As cliché as it sounds, she really is the most amazing mother in the world. “It takes time,” she said, “and remember that it’s only been 2 months since you’ve graduated from college. Relax. Read, eat well, and exercise. Enjoy the time you have off and be thankful that you don’t have any bills or college debt to pay like other kids post-undergrad. I know greater things are ahead of you.”

My Mom doesn't like having her photos being posted in the cloud, but this is how I feel like our relationship is like...except, she was the girl holding me up this morning.

My Mom doesn’t like having her photos being posted in the cloud, but this is how I feel our relationship is like…except, she was the girl holding me up this morning.

Anyway, knowing that this is a travel blog, you’re probably wondering how on Earth this relates to traveling at all. I’ve traveled to a couple places alone when I was in Europe, but it was really on my recent trip that I met someone particularly great right off the bat.

It was in my hostel in Brussels, where I met this girl. I entered the room for the first time, quite late at about 9 or 9:30 P.M., expecting to see the room with 10 beds like I had booked, but was surprised to only see 3. One for me, one for my traveling partner, and one for the girl who was already semi-asleep in the third bed. I saw a Target bag in the room and asked, “Is that YOUR Target bag?” That’s what really sparked our conversation. She was from California and was traveling alone for 40 days after happily quitting her banking job of 4 years. We didn’t talk much that night because I was meeting up with a friend at Delirium Cafe soon after, but I knew I wanted to get to know her better the following day. When my friend and I woke up the next morning, our new Californian friend brought us some apples from the hostel’s breakfast service. How sweet, right? We ended up hanging out that entire day, which happened to be hers and our last full day in Belgium, and boy did we laugh so much until our stomachs couldn’t handle it anymore. I can honestly say that she’s downright one of the most fun people I’ve ever met in my life and I can’t wait to meet up with her somewhere cool one day. I’ll be posting all about our interesting experiences together in a future post.

Keri, my Californian friend, and I at the bar inside our hostel the night before saying, "see ya later, alligator."

Keri, my Californian friend, and I at the bar inside our hostel the night before saying, “see ya on the other side…of the world, that is.”

So what’s the takeaway from this? Acknowledge the presence of others and be welcoming. You never know how much the smallest piece of recognition – the genuine desire to learn the feelings, the emotions, and the true characters – of others could lead you. Whether it’s asking, “Why are you so sad?” or “Is that your Target bag?” I ask you to be curious in life.